How to make the perfect coffee

How to make the perfect coffee

We understand that it may be a little intimidating to switch over from the plastic, single-use capsules. That's why we have put together a little guide to explain how simple they are to use.

How to use

  1. Fill the reusable coffee capsule using either fine or medium ground coffee. If you need a coffee grinder, we have just the thing for you here
  2. Once filled, pack down with a tamper, not too tight as you will affect the flow of the water through the capsule but not too loose or the coffee may be a little weak. Don't worry though, you will get this bit down to a fine art in no time. 
  3.  Once packed, place the lid onto the capsule and pop into the machine. Please note: the Dolce Gusto capsule needs to be placed in a certain way, with the hole being in the 6 o'clock position, the other reusable coffee capsules are not so particular.
  4. Start the machine and let it do its thing. Enjoy!

Careful when removing the capsule, it can be hot

How to clean

Cleaning is the easy part, all of our reusable coffee capsules are provided with a little cleaning brush to use. Can be washed just like any other utensil either by hand or in the dishwasher.

Coffee too watery?

These capsules work best with fine and medium coffee. Try to avoid the coarse and extra fine brands, we suggest referring to the guide below on which types of coffee to use for optimal taste

If you are still having the issue, this means that the water is running straight through the capsule, so you will need to pack the coffee into the capsule a little firmer.

Water trickling out?

This is the exact opposite problem with the above and you have packed the coffee too much. In this case, the water is unable to pass through the capsule sufficiently. Just give it a little less pressure next time.


For the optimal coffee

It is advised to frequently clean out your machine with the machines recommended cleaner, this prevents residue build-up and provides the optimal conditions for the perfect coffee. Additionally, letting a water cycle run through once in a while also helps, your machine will thank you for it.

We're here

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